Future Trading Made Easy with BaseXchange: Leverage Your Trades

Step into the world of advanced trading with BaseXchange's Future Trading feature. This powerful tool brings professional-grade trading to your fingertips, giving you more control and flexibility than ever before. Here's how it works:

Leveraged Trading: Make the Most of Market Moves

Future Trading lets you use leverage to amplify your trades. You can choose between Long and Short options to bet on price movements.

  • Long Position: Profit when prices rise, but risk a loss if they fall.

  • Short Position: Profit when prices fall, but risk a loss if they rise.

Simple Steps to Start Future Trading:

  1. Select Your Choice: Decide if you're going Long or Short based on where you think the prices are headed.

  2. Choose Payment and Leverage: Enter how much you want to trade and how much leverage you want to use. Leverage multiplies your trade's power, but remember, it also multiplies risk.

  3. Exit Price: Below the trade box, you'll find the "Exit Price." This is the price where you'll make money if you close the trade immediately. Keep in mind, exit price depends on whether you're going Long or Short.

Fees and Costs: Keep it Clear

  • Opening or closing a trade: 0.05% of the trade size.

  • Borrow Fee: This fee is paid hourly for using borrowed funds in your trade. It changes based on how much you're borrowing and the total pool size.

Managing and Closing Trades: Your Control Center

  • Editing Trades: You can adjust your trade's collateral, leverage, and liquidation price in the "Open Trades" section.

  • Closing Trades: Use the "Close" button to shut down a trade, either fully or partially.

Stay Informed for Smart Trading:

While Future Trading offers potential rewards, it comes with risks. Prices can change quickly, leading to slippage between what you expect and what you get. Be sure to stay updated and cautious while making your trading decisions.

BaseXchange's Future Trading empowers you to trade like a pro while understanding every move you make.

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