Staking within the BaseXchange Pools offers a seamless way to earn BaseXchange tokens and other rewards while you relax! Unlike farming in BaseXchange Yield Farms, staking requires just one token – usually the BaseXchange token – to kickstart your earnings.

Here's how to dive into BaseXchange staking:

  1. Head over to the Pools page.

  2. Click the Connect button (located at the top right corner) to link your Base Chain-compatible wallet.

  3. Select your wallet and establish the connection.

  4. Explore the diverse BaseXchange pools available for staking.

  5. In these pools, you can stake your BaseXchange tokens to not only earn BaseXchange rewards but also a range of other exciting tokens. Be sure to explore the various options.

  6. It's worth noting that the manual pool doesn’t automatically compound your rewards. To maximize your earnings, you'll need to periodically harvest and compound your earnings on your own terms.

With BaseXchange staking, earning rewards while you sleep becomes as effortless as it is rewarding! πŸŒŸπŸš€

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